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The Exception To The Rule...

"Josh's recovery continues to be the exception to the rule but it is also the reason we can give our other patients hope." These are the words of the doctor who manages Josh's Baclofen pump and his Botox treatments. He sees Josh every three months and always looks forward to seeing the progress Josh has made in that time. He was especially impressed this week with the progress Josh has made with his arms!

Three weeks ago Josh had surgery to get his Achilles tendon lengthened. The goal of the surgery was to free the contracture in his ankle caused by tone. The hope is he will be able to balance better so he can walk. He will wear a cast for a couple more weeks and then the real work begins.

In addition to the surgery, Josh had another swallow study. He is showing signs of improvement in managing his swallow but there is still some aspiration. The good news is that he will begin a new therapy to deal with the muscles involved. In the mean time, he is vocalizing and beginning to mouth words. He is teaching himself how to "mechanically" talk all over again.

As many of you know, we are planning on a 908 mile "YUMI" ride this coming June. The ride is from Buena Vista, Colorado to Springdale, Arkansas. Several people have asked why we are planning such a challenging trip? There are several reasons: First, we want to increase awareness about the real potential for brain trauma recovery. Second, we want to raise funds for several worthy organizations who have been helpful in Josh's journey. Third, we hope to also raise some funds for Josh's continued therapy. Finally, it simply would not be a "Josh" trip without there being a real cha