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The Quality of Life

How does one measure the quality of life? How does one determine whether a life has value or is worth living? Today is the fifth anniversary of Josh's accident...or his resurrection depending on your perspective. And only a few days following the accident a doctor would look at our family and friends and say we should let him go, he would have no quality of life.

Our family has learned a lot over the past five years.

  • A good quality of life is not based on happiness for happiness is entirely circumstantial, and our circumstances can always change.

  • It is not based on your physical condition.

  • It is not based on how much money or power you have.

A "good" quality of life is based on your ability to pursue and choose Joy in spite of your circumstances, your condition, or your position. It is recognizing you have Divine intent, purpose, and potential woven into you by your Creator. Your life has value regardless of circumstance. And your life is worthy of living.

"This time called life is more sacred and special than any of us can imagine.

Our task, or should I say our privilege, is to become aware of it

and to participate as deeply and as fully as we are capable"

Tim Hansel

We hope that no matter what you may be going through, you will choose Joy. You don't wait for it to come to you and you don't go looking for it. You Simply...Choose...Joy. If you do, we promise it will transform your suffering into thanksgiving and gratitude.

The picture in this post is one of my favorites of our trip this summer. It captures one of many moments when Josh's core team was tending him during one of our hourly pit stops. Though most of the team had been up well before dawn and had already been riding in the heat themselves, when we made a stop, they would spring into action. Each core team member had a task. Someone gave Josh fluids, someone would stand him up and stretch his legs, someone else would re-apply sunscreen, others prepped the YUMI, etc... For Kelly and I it was the most selfless act and would be repeated 5 - 6 times a day. Every member of the team had a precious servant's heart and they did it all with a joyful spirit. That would be another thing our family learned about choosing Joy...once you make the choice, you cannot possess it. Joy MUST be shared! Thank you to everyone who made Josh's ride this summer and these past five years so incredible by sharing Joy at every opportunity. We are grateful for you!

"Jesus did not come to explain away suffering or remove it. He came to fill it with His Presence"

Paul Claudel


Josh started back therapy at UAMS. In his first session following the bike trip they gave Josh a new goal. "We want you to be able to take 3 independent steps!" Do you have any idea how long we have waited for that to become an official goal in his medical record?! BOOM!

We rode in the Summit Challenge in Park City, Utah in August as well as the Gorilla Century Ride in Pittsburgh, Kansas. Josh was the ride lead for the Family ride in the Tour de Tacos!

Josh is set to return to San Antonio for evaluation at the VA's Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center. We don't have a date for that yet.

BIG NEWS: PARAMOUNT-The All In For Josh Miracle Story. Some of you may have already seen the trailer for the documentary Garret Hubbard of GH Studios is working on. This is Josh's BIG chance to TELL HIS STORY! Who would have ever guessed five years ago that Josh would be in a position to share his life and his story of Faith, Perseverance, and Recovery with others. Though most of the footage is "in the can" and ready for the production process, we still need to raise the necessary funds to complete the project. If you have contacts in the corporate world who might consider sponsoring the documentary please reach out to us. You can view the trailer at

The Josh label bourbon from Axe and The Oak in Colorado Springs is still available. Please message us if you would like to purchase a bottle.

During our bike ride in June, following confirmation of a large contribution, it was announced during one of the Face Book posts that we had the money for the van. The announcement was made out of excitement but it was very pre-mature. Following that announcement, donations understandably dropped off. A lot of the funds that we have received up until that point had been designated by the donor for other needs such as therapy. So we are still working on funds for the van. There is good news though, we have put a deposit down to hold the van.

God gave us a little chuckle a couple of weeks back. Josh, the guy who can't speak yet, was asked to come and share his story with a, get this, a Communications class at the University of Arkansas! It was so fun. The cool thing is that a team from the class that is going to work with us on promoting Josh's documentary! Woo Pig!

Thank you for being ALL IN FOR JOSH!



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