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The Search For Meaning

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

Maya Angelou

I have always been fond of this quote. Maya Angelou reminds us of the importance of pausing and taking time to appreciate those things that should matter most... those things that should constitute a good full life. I will admit my mind tends to get swept away to those things that warm my heart and leave me in awe and wonder. A beautiful sunset, watching a grand child set the seed puff of a dandelion afloat, or just holding my wife's hand. But this journey with Josh has given me an even greater understanding of the fullness of life.

There are lots of things that can take our breath away, not just those warm tender precious moments. Pain and Suffering can also leave us breathless. In them too, can be found purpose and understanding. In them too, we can discover what truly matters most. In this "drive-thru" life we live where the main objective seems to be "likes" and "followers", instant gratification and pleasure, or the most exhilarating thrill or epic adventure; Pain and Suffering can seem more like unwanted wedding guests.

Suffering has lost its place in this world and with it, we've lost an opportunity to discover and understand what life... a deeper, more purposeful quality of life, is really about. The term "quality of life" has become diluted to only represent those easy, comfortable, pleasurable moments which in the end, one could argue, is the shallowest form of existence. We can only appreciate the view from the mountaintop if we have walked thru the valley to get there. And we need to remember that climbing out of the valley is hard. Climbing makes you sweat. Climbing makes you hurt. Climbing can make you want to quit. But its the climbing that makes the view from the top breathless.

Each morning Josh is awake by 5am. When we walk into his room he is already tapping his foot communicating what he wants to get done that day. He is always working on moving forward in spite of his circumstance. He's always climbing. And in spite of his suffering and loneliness, he continues to climb and live a quality of life that is bound for the mountaintop. And thru this suffering I am breathless.

"But those who suffer he delivers in their suffering; he speaks

to them in their affliction."

Job 36:15

  • Josh continues to rehab from two arm surgeries in 2022. He will have an additional surgery on his left arm in July. The goal is more functional use of both arms. Pray for continued gain of function.

  • Josh was able to walk 240 yards this past week with the aide of a gait trainer called a Grillo. Pray for greater endurance and stability.

  • In addition to joining the Board of the Ozark Adaptive Sports Association, Josh and I now serve on the Trailblazers' Trails, Cycling & Active Transportation Advisory Council.

  • Victoria's Victory Foundation is assisting with our fundraising efforts for the making of a documentary called Paramount about Josh's All In Tour. It is a story about Faith, Hope, and Love as the community came together around Josh's journey.

All In For Josh



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