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Update on Josh 10/2/16 9:50 pm

This morning the doctors removed the feeding tube and ventilator from Josh's mouth. The ventilator now goes through Josh's neck and feeding tube directly into his stomach. We can finally see that handsome smile. The doctors should also be giving him a good shave to prepare him for his facial surgery tomorrow at 4pm mtn time. This surgery will last 4-5 hours with the purpose of fixing several of his facial fractures. We will send out another update after that surgery is completed tomorrow evening.

During this time I find myself asking "Why" a lot. "Why Josh?" "Why did God let this happen?" "Why won't God do more for Josh?" I don't know the answer to those questions but I know God is present. Last night God provided a meal for the 25 of us here with Josh. God provided a place for us to sleep. God provided a car when ours broke down yesterday morning. God is providing through you all and we wanted to thank everyone for that.

Thank you all for loving Josh and loving our family. We have been so overwhelmed from the support we have receive from you all in the form of texts and phone calls and just sharing Josh's story. If you have submitted a prayer to his prayer wall and it has not shown up on the site, know that we are taking every prayer, writing it down, and putting them up in Josh's room. I think one of the most beautiful things about this process is seeing the effect of his prayer wall on his medical staff. Maybe that is the answer to the question of "Why?" Maybe the love that we all have for Josh will be a ministry to his doctors and maybe God is using Josh to spread the kingdom.

All in for Josh.

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