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A Significant Update On Josh's Progress

Back in May of 2018 Josh had a Baclofen pump implanted in his abdomen. A line from the pump was routed thru his body to his spine. The purpose of the pump was to administer Baclofen directly into his spine in order to help control and calm spasticity and tone. We were told he would be dependent on the pump for the rest of his life.

Many of you are aware of the gains Josh has made, especially in the last few years. Because of his perseverance and faith, we are excited to tell you that the week before this Thanksgiving Josh's pump was shut down and there have been no adverse reactions!! The company representative who was there to help execute the shut down told Josh that they shut these pumps off when someone's body rejects the implant or there is a malfunction in the pump...but never because someone just got better! When the pump was first brought up by the doctors five years ago, they told us what they believed. Josh then took this time to show us WHO he believes! The Lord has been faithful and He continues to bless us all thru the most difficult of circumstances.

Highlights of 2023

  • Finished the last of three surgeries on his arms and hands. He is now working on gain of function in both arms. If you have seen any of his workouts at CrossFit Commence on social media you know the surgeries have been a success.

  • Set a record walking in his Grillo (gait trainer) of 440 yards non-stop.

  • Attended a Veteran's Cycling Camp at the National Ability Center (NAC) in Park City, UT.

  • Rode 53 miles in the NAC's Summit Challenge Century Ride where he completed a 2800' non-stop climb on his YUMI.

  • Voice modulation and tongue manipulation has improved. He has been working on some specific words.

  • Kelly's story has been included in author Amy Lively's book, Can I Borrow A Cup Of Hope. Kelly is Chapter 2. You can purchase the book at or on Amazon.

  • Experienced our first blizzard sleeping in Josh's van!

Looking Ahead to 2024

  • Surgery to remove the Baclofen pump.

  • Attending NAC's Veterans Cycling Camp and Summit Challenge

  • Hoping to start back hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). We will likely have to travel for treatment which will involve an extended stay.

  • Attend the Wounded Warriors Project's Soldier Ride in Houston, TX the end of March.

  • Plan to ride the KATY Trail and another Rails to Trail ride.

  • Mike will be putting more of his focus on Josh's documentary.

  • Three independent steps!! The pieces are there, he just needs all the systems to work together.

We would like to thank Wounded Warrior Project, Neuro Community Care, Victoria's Victory Foundation, UAMS Outpatient Therapy Clinic, Ozark Orthopedic, and CrossFit Commence for the time and energy they have invested in Josh's recovery.

"...For it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure. Do all things without grumbling or disputing; that you may prove yourselves to be blameless and innocent, children of God..."

Philippians 2:13-15

All in For Josh!

The Fohners


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