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Update on Josh 10/6/16 2:30 pm

Day 9:

Not much change to Josh's overall condition. He has been visited several times by the PT group to test his responses to stimuli and we are seeing small improvements to his motor skills. Today they will hook him up to a form of a stationary bike to get his legs moving a little bit. At this point, we are in a waiting game. Surgically the doctors have taken care of all of Josh's acute injuries and now we wait for Josh's body to heal itself. Josh is basically breathing on his own but still hooked up to machines to monitor his breathing. We see his eyelids flicker and his toes wiggle but not on command and not consistently. We know Josh is fighting come back to us.

We have a meeting with doctors tomorrow to discuss next steps so I will send out an update after that meeting.

We continue to be overwhelmed by the amount of support for Josh. We love hearing of all the places Josh's story has traveled. Yesterday we received 160 handwritten notes from a elementary school back in Arkansas! We read Josh every one of them.

Thank you all for continuing to pray for my brother and continuing to support our family in thought and in prayer.