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Update on Josh 10/11/16 10:30 pm

Day 14:

Today marks 2 weeks since Josh's accident. In those 2 weeks, we have seen Josh's condition greatly improve. Improvements that are difficult to see day to day but much clearer when you take a few steps back. We praise God for the life we see in Josh. We praise God when he coughs, or when he snarls his lip, or when he moves an arm or a leg. We praise God for Josh.

Josh's fever has remained down but will still be on antibiotics through Thursday. We spoke to the doctors this morning and it looks the decision has been made to go ahead and do a 2nd neck surgery. This is a good thing. He has had the front fused together and will now have the back fused together. This will fully stabilize his neck. That surgery will take place on Thursday. With the next step in Josh's recovery being physical therapy and increased movement, the our family takes comfort in knowing that his neck will be stable.

A few updates ago I spoke about this being a marathon. After that post an old friend from Mobile reached out with this marathon analogy that I found very comforting and I wanted to share.

"As you share Josh's marathon I can't help but think about my first one. At the beginning there were many people together, much enthusiasm and support from the sidelines. I felt confidently strong even though I knew I had a very long way to go. As the distance from the starting line became greater there were less people running around me and the cheering quieted. Miles and miles passed under my feet and suddenly I found myself virtually alone. I couldn't see another runner in sight, in front or behind me. For a moment I had this unsettling feeling that I had wondered off the race path. Fearful, I began to pray. I prayed I wasn't lost. I prayed for courage and endurance to finish the race, but most of all, I prayed to see someone. I didn't. Not for a little while. So I just began thanking God for everything I could possibly think of, that He had ever done for me. Everything! No matter how small. And then I turned a curve and finally, I saw them - Runners in the distance! When asked about my first Marathon, I have told many people it was a very spiritual experience. For what seemed like a long time, it was just me and God. I was never alone. Josh isn't alone either. Even if Josh can't see you or talk to you, one thing we can absolutely rest in is that he IS NOT alone. 1 Corinthians 16:13 Stay alert, stand firm in the faith, show courage, be strong."

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