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Update on Josh 10/12/16 8:30 pm

Day 15:

This morning was an exciting one for us. We continue to see progress in baby steps. This morning Josh opened his left eye about 50% of the way! You can imagine our excitement. Josh was blinking and his pupils were dilating from the light. He couldn't follow a finger when nurses examined him and could not blink on command but we will take it! The doctors tell us that the 2 best things Josh has going for him are that he is young and that he is showing progress! Our prayer tonight is for continued progress. Pray that each day we continue to see these baby steps.

I have been eagerly awaiting the day that I would be able to send out one of these updates and tell you that Josh is awake with eyes open and interacting with us. I think I have been a little naive in thinking things would happen that way but today was a praise God moment for us. He is making progress and it is visible progress!

Josh's surgery is still planned for tomorrow night but there is a chance that it will be moved to Monday. We will keep everyone posted. We are also still navigating next steps in Josh's care and will share those details when they become available.