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5 Month Update on Josh

Yesterday was 5 months since Josh’s accident. This morning, Josh’s therapy team said that today was his best day yet. Each one of the teams working with Josh has commented on his progress. A few days ago in therapy Josh was connected to a machine that moved his arms systematically to touch objects on the screen. It was similar to virtual-reality rehab, where Josh’s brain sees (and feels) his arms move, all in an attempt to re-train his brain.

We have been so thankful for the staff in San Antonio that works so diligently with our Josh! Our prayer tonight is that the progress continues and Josh shows more consistent, intentional movement.

I preface what I am about to write with saying: I have hope in the recovery and I believe that Josh will one day enjoy the things that we all take for granted on a daily basis.

We have Hope. Hope sustains us.

We hope that Josh will make a full recovery. However, we have been given no guarantees or promises that this will happen. With that, I have been trying to prepare myself for a scenario where Josh does not return