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Update on Josh...4/16/17

Happy Easter from The Fohner family!

Christ has risen!

Today we celebrate the risen King! I love Easter for 2 reasons. First, it reminds me that we serve an all-powerful God capable of all things and second, that we serve a God that would trade his life for ours.

Kelsey and I attend the sunrise service every year that Fellowship Bible Church holds on Easter morning. As the sun rises, we worship God together and listen to the message in a field next to the church. Every year, that sunrise brings me hope and fills me with peace. This year, those 2 emotions were even more real and powerful in light of the difficult year we've had and the tough road ahead. We know that the same power that raised Christ from the dead is alive and active in each of us and in Josh. Like manna in the desert, the hope of the cross has sustained our family over this last year. It is not overwhelming hope, but daily hope, hourly hope, or even momentary hope. A few days ago, that manna came in the form