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Update on Josh...May 2, 2018

This past week Josh was asked by his friend Collin Jackson to come and share with a church cell group of Bentonville High School seniors. Collin has spent enough time with Josh to be able to assist Josh in communicating with others. Collin had selected Hebrews 12:1-2 as the theme for the talk so I sat down with Josh in advance and I asked him to share his thoughts on each verse. The process took some time but here are the notes we wrote for Collin from that conversation:

“Great cloud of witnesses”- always remember those who walked along side of you and discipled you when you were young in your faith. Remember those who led the way. Call on them when you need them because you will.

Always flee sin

Run “your” race and not somebody else’s. This is not the race I would have chosen for myself but it is the race I have to run now. So I am keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus and trusting Him with the outcome. Just as Christ endured the cross, this is my cross to bare, and I do so gladly knowing Christ is walking with me.

No matter what happens in life, always keep your eyes on Jesus and He will find a way through.


WE ARE HEADED BACK TO SAN ANTONIO!! We received word this week that