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Update-Back to San Antonio

We received word that Josh will return to the VA's Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center in San Antonio this coming week. Our hope is to return back home Christmas Eve. Please keep this trip and Josh in your prayers.

The video we are sending is for those that have asked how Josh communicates with us. We hope it is helpful. Another breakthrough that took place this evening is that Josh is now able to manipulate his camera using his iPad. The process is managed by two switches he controls with his knees. Pretty crazy!

At the present time Josh has 9 therapy sessions per week. When we return from Polytrauma that should increase to as much as 19 per week. These include PT, OT, and Speech through UAMS and overseen by the VA. The increase upon our return will be through Destination Walk, an Activity Based Therapy program here in Springdale. We will also return to the Hyperbaric Chamber and hopefully begin periodic visits to REACT in Dallas. When you add in his mentoring each week, his accountability group, his small group Bible Study, weekly movie night with friends...He stays incredibly and dad stay pretty tired!!

Through some interesting relationship connections, Josh is now meeting regularly with a writer. In fact, they have begun work on his book with the introduction already completed. One nugget I wanted to share from that intro comes from one of Josh's journals dated long before his accident. Josh wrote in the margin,

"It is not what you can do, It is what you can recover from."

I have a feeling the book is going to be a really good read!

We know most of you know Josh or at least have come to know him this past two years and three months. Josh wants to assure you that the same guy is still here... All Josh! So if you see him out and about, please don't be shy, tell him hello, crack a joke, but most of all, just be yourself.

All in for Josh!


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