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Update on Josh: His 2020 Vision

We promised to share some special news with you in this update. I am excited we are finally in a place to do so. But before I do that, I want to share how we got here.

Back in February Josh and I got into a long conversation about where he is now and where he is going as he moves forward. It was not your typical "what are you going to do with your life" conversation. It was really a time of processing all he had been through and what it has taught him. Then identifying where he feels the Lord is Calling him as a result. Here were his three takeaways from our conversation:

  1. Josh values and is passionate about Relationships.

  2. Josh is passionate about Adventure and experiencing the Awe and Wonder of the Lord's creation.

  3. Josh wants to show people how to really live and Appreciate what it means to be Alive.

Simply put, Josh plans to spend the rest of his life living out his passions to help and encourage others on their own journey.

A few evenings later I shared with him that I would like to do a bike trip to raise money for his therapy. I wanted to ride from Springdale, Arkansas to Buena Vista, Colorado. He thought it was a good idea. So I contacted Lewis & Clark Outfitters and began to pull others into the planning. A week or so later Josh typed me a message on his device and said, "I want to ride too!" So I began to research all kinds of adaptive sports equipment and came across the YUMI shown in the video. The ergonomics match what Josh is currently using in therapy. It leverages Josh's strengths and compensates for his weaknesses. It also allows an able bodied rider to be side by side with him in case a need arises. It will also push him to the next level in his therapy. Plus it has an electric assist motor in case of an emergency. I called the owner of the company in Utah and made arrangements to test ride the YUMI.

In May Josh and I drove to Utah. We met Ben and